Safe Swap Sunday // Essential Oils (Getting Started)

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you probably saw this coming, right? The next step in my quest to a healthier household (or my own hippie-dom, as I quipped to Matt when the box showed up ;)).

So when my friend Peg (over at The Honest Mom) told me how much essential oils have changed her and her family’s lives, I decided to take the leap. I ordered the Premium Starter Kit of oils with the Desert Mist diffuser from Young Living and have had a blast experimenting with different combinations to diffuse. I’m still doing lots of my own research regarding using oils topically as well as ingesting them.

// The Swap

Pictured are my diffuser and the starter set of oils we received.

// The Comparison

So this is where my research is still underway! We’ve been using Wallflowers (from Bath and Body Works) in our homes for years. And while I haven’t found any scientific publications declaring these bad, I know that their candles really aren’t great, so I am continuing to dig in. Here are a few blog posts I’ve found so far:

  • This one from Blue Jean Mama talking about that pesky “fragrance” ingredient
  • This one from Sun & Sea Salt that also references the MSDS

Aside from the questionable “proprietary” ingredients, I’ve also generally struggled with the concept of safety. With a very mobile toddler, frequent playdates with friends’ kiddos, and a baby on the way, having things plugged into wall outlets that can easily be taken out, spilled, etc. I want our home to smell nice and welcoming, and I’m a sucker for those homey holiday scents, but not if I’m causing damage to my loved ones. Not worth it!

I don’t have enough research, nor have we used the oils consistently enough yet, to attest to their health benefits. But to start, I am happy to be moving away from more toxic options. So to me, any additional health benefits would be the metaphorical icing on the cake!

Are you a fan of essential oils? Tell me all your favorite combinations and uses!

XO, Andi


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